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'WAHH' World Fusion Band

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'Wahh!' in India is a popular word that expresses 'Great Inner Joy and Appreciation'...
'Wahh!' is a spectacular blend of East meets West in true Fusion Music style.
Using the scintillating sounds of Indian Tabla and Vocal overtones, 'Wahh' fuses a modern approach weaved in with Sitar, Bansuri Flute, Western Drums, Guitar and Bass. Combining Indian Raga music and Western harmonic melodies with an infectious Rhythm section creates a strikingly impressive blend of Musical style and instruments. With such diversity, 'Wahh!' offers a wide appeal to all types of audiences. Captivating and musically luscious, 'Wahh!' performs regularly for various types of events including
Festivals, Weddings, Graduation Parties, College Institutions, Cultural Shows and Private Events.

Gimmi 5 - Composed by Shankh

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